Company succession

Before the end of one's own working life-time, every entrepreneur will be confronted with the question of how he can successfully shape the company's succession. Do I have a suitable successor in the family? Can or must I sell the company to third parties? What are the tax implications or requirements for retirement plans that I need to take into consideration in my plans? When should I start with the successor optimization of the company? How am I discussing any forced heirship waiver with my family? Can I remove the statutory inheritance and forced heirship by means of company law? How do I secure my company and its employees for the future?

Professional succession counseling requires interdisciplinary cooperation between lawyers, specialized lawyers and tax consultants in the fields of corporate law, tax law, inheritance law, family law and M & A. For this, we have the necessary know-how and build on a comprehensive range of experience, in order to work out and implement the right succession solution together with you.