Competition law

The Unfair Competition Act and numerous other legal provisions regulate what conduct is permitted on the market between competitors and between companies and consumers and what conduct is unfair. Competition law is an equal opportunity and risk. Companies can take action against infringements of the competition law (e. g.: inadmissible advertising methods and sales practices and misleading consumers) by their competitors, but they can also be quickly exposed to attacks by competitors themselves. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the complex field of competition law. Accordingly, we can offer you a wide range of services:

  • Analysis of your competitors' competitive behaviour, preventive advice and development of strategies for sales and marketing measures
  • Measures against illegal actions by your competitors
  • Defense against warning letters, formulation of appropriate cease-and-desist declarations and representation in interim injunctions and ordinary court proceedings
  • Enforcement and support in the compliance of judgments
  • Immediate and intensive support when quick decisions are required (e. g. in the case of warning letters and preliminary injunctions)


The development of competition law is dynamic. We stay on the ball and help shape it!