Data protection

Data protection is one of the key stones of our modern information society and our digitized economic world. Nowadays, nearly all data is available in electronic format. While the quick access of data is highly beneficial, the legal and actual risks arising out of it may effect companies to the very foundations. In the field of data protection we advise companies in the health care, e-commerce, energy supply and trade sectors, as well as in the manufacturing industries.

Our services include:

  • Drafting data privacy statements and agreements re data processing on assignment, which are necessary if, for instance, customer data and billing information are passed on to third parties for processing
  • Assigning external data protection officers
  • Implementing data protection and risk analyses
  • Drafting catalogues of measures for enhancing data protection/data security
  • Communicating with the data protection authorities
  • Implementing trainings of employees

Advisor for Data protection